Product Information


SMSflux Software is a School Management System software with Text Message Integration for smooth management of Schools. It makes easier, effective management of all school activities and help you stay in touch with Parents and Teachers.

it is a standard school software that is developed for managing all categories of school levels ranging from Nursery, Primary, Secondary/College, Tertiary.

It is developed using the latest technologies, It is user-friendly and easy to operate.

SMSflux can also be installed on your website as online school management portal and it is mobile responsive.

Video tutorials is available and PDF documentation of features and step by step of managing it is also available.

Please contact us to create your dedicated demo Username and Password for you.

  1. At the admin Dashboard, see number of active students, number of students who have fully paid school fees, numbers who paid part payment, numbers who have not paid any amount, total number of teachers and parents.
  2. With a single click, send text message to parents of debtors with amount paid so far and balance remaining, message to all who have fully paid with amount they paid, message to individual debtors, message to all teachers and parents as well as individual teachers and parents.
  3. Set up School Fees, other Fees, Expenses category, set up Term, Session, Current Term/Session, Grades, Student/Staff Status, Password Protected Master Reset.
  4. View, Edit, & Add New Class, Subject, Transportation Route (One Way or Two Way).
  5. Students - view active students, inactive students, Link students to parents, student details with payment details and parent info, edit students, change passport and transport mode, print records, add new single student, add bulk students.
  6. Parents - add new parent, view details which also shows number of children in school including their payment history and financial status.
  7. Teachers - add new teacher, assign subject to teacher, edit, view details including all subjects assigned to him/her.
  8. Print Subject list based on class or teacher.
  9. Results - View results based on class, subjects or individual students result, display both CA & Exam and automatically compute Total & Grade, input individual student's scores, upload bulk results, print results.
  10. Payment - print receipt, all payment which shows total amount paid so far, amount remain to balance, pay school fees & others fees, payment history, expenses (view and add new).
  11. Promote all Students from one class to another with just a click, Promote individual student from one class to another, view promotion logs. (once you add students, you don't need to re-add again till such students graduate from your school).
  12. Event Logs shows activities performed on the software like deletion of student results, deletion of sent text message.
  13. View all users, add new, delete, change own password.
  14. All printable records can be save as soft copy (PDF) for future use instead of printing them.
  15. And many more features you may preferred to add.


Info Details
Language PHP
PHP Version 5.3 - 7
Compatible Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9 - 11, Safari, Edge
OS Windows 7 - Later
Server Offline/Online
Version 2